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Course Description

Do you want to have your time and freedom back?

Want to travel anywhere, whenever you want?

Let me tell you something.

There are 333,34 million companies in the world (Statista,2021).

What they all have in common?

They need marketing to survive.

This is where you come in and help those businesses.

While helping them, you also generate multiple 6-figures a month.

By just helping business owners get more customers.

I can’t imagine any other business that makes that much money by simply helping businesses.

Can you? I thought so!

The potential is huge.

You might be thinking “But Jim, I don’t know where to start? Do I email and DM business owners from Instagram?”

That is the old way of doing things.

We are in 2023 for god sake!

If you try to learn the process of launching an digital marketing agency on YouTube, they will tell you to chase clients on Instagram.

You will waste thousands of hours just to see it doesn’t work.

Don’t even think about reaching out to people on Linkedin. That will cost you hundreds of hours just be left on seen.

“What about cold calling?” You might ask. C’mon now, this is not 1998.

So what's the true way? Glad you asked. Let me explain.

With this SMMA (Digital Marketing Agency) growth hack, you will get clients meetings booked on autopilot! And have 88% close rate.

No more chasing them around.

The proven "8-Step Antman Sytem" I accidentally discovered, made my mentees scale their agencies without doing any work!

They outsourced all the work and enjoyed the fruits.

I mean 6 figures profit every single month.

Like a clockwork.

How did I discover that system? I am getting there.

I have worked in digital marketing agencies for 10 years.

(I worked in start-ups and multi-national agencies.)

And I discovered a pattern. A pattern that makes 99.4% of them successful.

Money printing machines.

In this 30 days SMMA(social media marketing agency) growth hack, I explain this pattern in extreme depth.

Plus, I will give you my pattented "8-Step Antman System"

I will tell more about this system in a bit.

Let's get to the good part first.

With this 30 Days SMMA (Digital Marketing Agency) Growth Hack, you don’t have to have any experience in digital marketing to start.

Even a third grader can start and grow an agency to make 7-figures a year with the proven "8-Step Antman System"

You just follow the instructions and enjoy your time and freedom.

But wait! I want to tell you a CRAZY story.

The high-school kid (I don't want to name him because he is my student) had a rough childhood.

His single mom worked 2 jobs throughout his life. To take care of him and his sister.

He wanted to contribute...

He was working at a local coffee shop part-time to support his mom.

But he knew trading his time for money wasn't going to cut it.

What he did next? Be patient, I am about to tell you...

He rolled up the sleeves and started watching YouTube videos on making money.


He decided starting an SMMA (Digital Marketing Agency) would be a profitable.

This way he didn't have to trade his time for money and he could scale it.

He learned some "classic SMMA tactics" like cold calling businesses from directories.

Of course, it didn't work.

He landed 4-5 meetings a month. Out of 700 outreach.

Like every sane person, he started to look for other ways to find clients.

He started DM'ing everybody. Which took him 4 months to realise the effort was not worth it.

Is this story going to end well? Let me continue.

He got one client since he decided starting a social media marketing agency.

How he got the client? The client was the coffee shop he was working at.

So, he used his network.

But that was it for that year.

He didn't have a niche or an offer to attract other businesses.

One day, he slammed his door shut with anger.

Why? He lost the hard earned client. The coffee shop owner.

He thought that was the end of this journey.

While looking for other money-making ventures, he saw a reddit post on this "8-Step Ant-man System".

He clicked on the link and landed on this page you are reading right now.

The price seemed expensive for a kid working part-time to support his family.

But he was tired failing at this endevour and went all in.

Literally, jumped into the cold water.

With the savings he had, he bought the course. Started to learn the "8-Step Ant-man System".

With every day, he was getting more experienced and saw all the mistakes he has done in his SMMA journey.

He got mad at himself.

Pure anger! But a relief at the same time. Because at least, he found a system that is working.

I will tell you how the story ends but let me show you the system first

  1. Selecting the "pond" niche.

  2. Crafting the irresistable offer.

  3. Building a "no brainer" lead magnet.

  4. Finding the pricing strategy for your service.

  5. Running the proven 9-email sequence.

  6. Setting up meetings with the "ultimate show rate method".

  7. Presenting the irrestable offer.

  8. Closing clients with "make them say yes" formula.

  9. Finding winner media buyers for cheap.

  10. Delivering unprecedented results.

  11. Creating the "testimonial loop".

  12. Implementing the onboarding system.

  13. Finding low-cost talent to run the show.

  14. Establishing the "rinse & repeat method" to scale.

Thank you for reading through.

Let's continue the story of the high-schooler.

He learned the system and starting getting leads.

Not "trash" leads. Warm leads. Warm like an electric blanket.

There was one problem, he didn't know how to sell.

He told me this exactly: "I can't sell a bottle of water to man in desert."

Of course, he hadn't come to the sales section of the course yet.

I told him to get to that chapter of the course. Guess what he did?

You are probably thinking he stayed up all night and mastered the skill of sales in 1 day.

No no no. Sales is tough.

You cannot master it with a course. Some are born salesman. It comes natural to them.

But for the rest, it can be a nightmare.

That's why I provided a proven sales script in that chapter. He only needed to read it to the client on the phone.


He had all the possible objections written in the script.

Once the prospect threw him an objection, he handled it like a boss.

So, he closed 6 clients in his first month.

This got him $30K profit in his first month.

I remember the call I had with him at the end of his first month.

It was emotional.

For both of us.

I was happy as a baby.

He was greatful and in shock.

He didn't relaxed and continued his progress.

Take a wild guess of his first year results.

I am still waiting...

He made $2,450,000 in his FIRST YEAR.

He bought his mom a beautiful house with a small garden.

So she can enjoy her favorite hobby, gardening.

And where is he now?

He graduated high-school.

Now, he has time and freedom.

He is outsourcing most of the work, and planning to sell his social media marketing agency to an acquirer.

I don't say this lightly.

This system works. For anyone!

People who have no idea in digital marketing, or agency owners who are avid marketers. This course is designed to start your agency from scratch or if you already have one, gets you to scale to the moon.

This is your ultimate digital marketing agency course to build an SMMA (Digital Marketing Agency) that makes millions a year.

Enroll today and let's make you a new success story.

If you want to start your digital marketing agency or scale it, don't waste any time.

Because you will build your social media marketing agency in no time! Add this the course to basket and watch your SMMA (Digital Marketing Agency) success.


Get the Course Today!!!

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Everything You Need to Know About Start Your Digital Marketing Agency: Complete SMMA Guide!

This course is a comprehensive and well-structured introduction to Start Your Digital Marketing Agency: Complete SMMA Guide!. The instructor, Jim Esen, is a leading expert in the field with a wealth of experience in Marketing to share.

The course is well-structured and easy to follow, and the instructor does a great job of explaining complex concepts in a clear and concise way.

The course is divided into sections, each of which covers a different aspect related to Digital Marketing. Each module contains a series of video lectures, readings, and hands-on exercises.

The instructor does a great job of explaining each topic in a clear and concise way. He/She also provides plenty of examples and exercises to help students learn the material.

One of the things I liked most about this course is that it is very practical. The instructor focuses on teaching students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the real world. He/She also provides students with access to a variety of resources, including templates, checklists, and cheat sheets.

Another thing I liked about this course is that it is offered on Udemy. Udemy is a great platform for taking online courses because it offers a lot of flexibility for students. Students can choose to take courses at their own pace, and they can access the course materials from anywhere with an internet connection.

Udemy also offers a variety of payment options, so students can find a plan that works for them. The course also has a very active community forum where students can ask questions and interact with each other. The instructor is also very responsive to student questions and feedback.

Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning Start Your Digital Marketing Agency: Complete SMMA Guide!. It is a well-organized and informative course that will teach you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

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