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Welcome to Korshub, your go-to platform for online course discounts and promotion. Our mission is to connect students with affordable education opportunities and empower instructors to reach a broader audience.

At Korshub, we understand the financial constraints students face while pursuing their education dreams. That's why we tirelessly search for the best free and discount coupons from popular online course platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, and many more.

Our team of four dedicated individuals is committed to curating a vast collection of course coupons that cover various subjects, from programming to cooking, to ensure that learners of all backgrounds can access high-quality education.

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Our Mission

We are committed to making online education accessible and affordable for everyone, whether you're a student seeking knowledge or an instructor sharing expertise.

Our amazing team

Get to Know Us: Meet Our Dedicated Team of Experts

Shubham Jha
Shubham Jha

Founder & Developer

Meet Shubham Jha, the innovative mind behind 'Korshub.' As the founder and developer, Shubham blends creativity with technical prowess, shaping 'Korshub' into a seamless and captivating web experience.

Sejal Choudhary
Sejal Choudhary

Operations Manager

Meet Sejal Choudhary, our Operations Head at 'Korshub.' She's the driving force behind seamless communication with our instructors, ensuring a collaborative and efficient platform.

Prabhat Kumar Ravi
Prabhat Kumar Ravi

Digital Marketing Executive

Meet Prabhat Kumar Ravi, our Digital Marketing Expert at 'Korshub.' He drives online success with strategic brilliance and creative flair.

Saksham Dixit
Saksham Dixit

Digital Marketing Executive

Meet Saksham Dixit, our Digital Marketing Dynamo at 'Korshub'. Saksham fuels our online presence with strategic brilliance and creative flair.

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Our Key Services

Exclusive Course Coupons

Embark on a learning journey without bounds. Access exclusive coupons for premier e-learning platforms. Dive into a realm of affordability, where students can claim discounts of up to 100%, making education truly accessible to all.

Strategic Course Promotion

Showcase your course across major platforms — our website, and social media giants such as Facebook, Reddit, and LinkedIn. Engage a vast audience with captivating graphics and videos on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook.

Precision Targeting with Ads

Boost your course's visibility with targeted ad campaigns. A compelling short video strategically reaches potential students, ensuring your course stands out in the digital landscape, leading to increased enrollment.

Community-Centric Promotion

Harness community power! We strategically promote your course on relevant social media groups, fostering genuine interest. Your course becomes part of conversations in communities, ensuring maximum impact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, please contact us.

What is Korshub?

Korshub is your go-to destination for exclusive deals and discounts on a variety of online courses. We specialize in connecting learners with cost-effective opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.

How does Korshub work?

Korshub curates and provides the latest deals and discounts on a wide range of online courses. Users can browse our platform to discover courses at discounted prices, making education more accessible and affordable.

How can I redeem a coupon on Korshub?

To use coupons on our website, simply click on the "Take this course" button next to the course you're interested in. You will be redirected to the Udemy course page with the coupon applied automatically.

Can I submit my online course for promotion on Korshub?

Absolutely! If you're an instructor looking to promote your online course, we offer promotional opportunities on Korshub. To get started, please visit our Instructor Promotion page for more information and to submit your course. We'll reach out to you on your registered email.

How often are new deals and coupons added to Korshub?

We regularly update our platform with fresh deals and coupons. New opportunities are added frequently, so be sure to check back regularly or follow us on social media for the latest updates.

How do I contact Korshub for support or inquiries?

If you have any questions, need assistance, or want to inquire about promotional opportunities, you can reach out to our support team. Contact us or email us at [email protected].